2 Quick EQ7 Tips for you

These two tips will make your next 'play' with Electric Quilt 7 much easier.

Tip #1: See all your block colourings

When you’ve been playing for a while you end up with lots of colouring variations. How do you easily see the version of the block you are looking for, without scrolling through the sketchbook using the arrows under the blocks?

Use the Set Block tool

  1. Click on the Set Block tool at the right of the screen, and click on a block in your toolbox.
  2. Right click and choose Select Coloring.
    select color
  3. Up will pop a strip with all the versions of that block showing, including the diagram and greyscale versions if it was a library block. (Above)
  4. Choose the colouring you want

  5. Click the one you wanted to find. It is now highlighted in the block palette.
    block selected


You can now set it into the quilt. I put mine in the top right corner of my design. (Below)

set block

Tip #2: Find fabric matches for a photo

If you are using photos in a quilt, you may want to match the fabrics for your quilt design to the colours in your photo.

Set a photo into your quilt

  1. I chose a flower from the Photo Library in EQ for this exercise, and placed it in the centre of the quilt.
  2. Choose the eyedropper tool from the left toolbox.
  3. Go to the top menu, and you will see various eyedropper choices.

    find fabric

  4. Select the one that chooses fabrics. It is the second eyedropper tool from the left.
  5. Click to choose the colour.
  6. Click on a colour in the photo, and EQ7 finds the nearest match for you from your sketchbook fabrics. I painted one patch to see if I liked it.

    find another fabric

  7. Paint the quilt.
  8. Continue to choose colours from the photo and paint your quilt with the matching fabrics.


Find more features

There are many more tricks in EQ7 for you to explore. If you have an earlier version, there will also be lots of things you can discover.

Why not spend a little time each week looking through your manual, and then trying out one or two of the things you found there? Next time you are designing a quilt, you will know one or two more neat things that Electric Quilt can do.

I have been playing with EQ since version 1 in 1992 and still can find it has a trick or two to show me!

Keep discovering EQ’s ‘secrets’ and have fun.

See you next time.

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