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Scrap Quilts are fun

Make beautiful quilts even in tougher times. Use all your fabrics in a quilt made from sraps. Download your course now!


From camera to quilt

Read about my discoveries as I made quilts using photos on fabric


Electric Quilt Design

Using the Layout Library
to design your own
spectacular quilts


Baby Elephant Walk

Some of my quilts are featured on Electric


New York Beauty Quilt

Traditional designs can be very modern. Read the series on traditional patchwork blocks

Why take classes?

To build your design skills, increase your discernment, practice creativity, learn where to find inspiration. Classes are free — or you can buy a course.

You can work at your own pace in the comfort of your home, and there's no exams or pressure to complete.

Latest Free Lesson

Natty techniques with the Eyedropper Tool you will find so useful in Electric Quilt 7.

Recently, I was using the eyedropper the way I have always used it, but I discovered that it has some new features.

See what I found

Who is the school for?

Anyone who wants to start making quilts, improve upon their patchworking skills, and anyone who wants to explore the (quilt) artist within...
not just quiltmakers - anyone who works in textiles such as crazy patchers, embroiderers, textile collage artists...

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If you always do what you've always done...
what you get is...

Every school has playtime, or recess. Jan T's Patchwork School has Playtime — the blog

Read the Playtime blog and spend some time each day 'playing'

About the 'head teacher'

Since making my first patchwork quilt in 1983, I (Jan T Urquhart Baillie) have made many, many quilts. A well-known Australian tutor, patchwork author and magazine columnist for Down Under Quilts magazine...

All about me (all I'll tell you)